Welcome to the CC0 Textures help pages. Here you can find the answers to your questions on how to download and use materials from CC0Textures.com.

I hope the assets and information are helpful for you. There is just one more thing I would like to tell you: Over the last couple of months the companies contacting me regarding CC0 Textures have progressively gotten bigger and bigger. This is not a problem in itself but I would like to make it clear that CC0 Textures is operated and and filled with content by just me (Lennart Demes) - a 4th semester CS student. It was built with hobbyists and educators in mind and may not be up to enterprise standards in terms of consistency or long term support. In other words: It is absolutely fine for even large companies to use the assets or the API but things may break or change and I might not always be available to explain or fix them right away. I just want everyone who is using CC0 Textures commercially to keep this in mind.


These are the most common questions I get:

“What does this or that texture map mean?” → The different PBR maps (Overview)

“How can I use these textures in Blender?” → Using CC0 Textures in Blender

“What are those .sbsar-files?” → How to use .sbsar-files

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