Using CC0 Textures in Blender

Basic Setup

This is a simple material setup for using CC0 Textures in Blender. It works for materials that do not have a metalness (met) or mask map.

Please remember the difference between DirectX- vs. OpenGL-Style normal maps. Because Blender uses OpenGL-style normal maps you need to invert the green color channel before feeding it into the normal map.

Advanced Setup

If you need to include the mask and the metalness map the setup looks like this:

Microdisplacement Setup

If you want to use microdisplacement you need to set it up like this:

Make sure to enable the following settings to actually see an effect:

  • In the Render Properties switch the Feature Set to “Experimental”
  • Add a Subdivision Surface modifier to the object and set the checkbox for “Adapdive”
  • In the Material Properties go to Settings → Surface and switch the Displacement to “Displacement Only”

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