Common download related issues

"I get a the message 'bucket CC0Textures does not have file' when trying to perform a download."

  "code": "not_found",
  "message": "bucket CC0-Textures does not have file: <something>",
  "status": 404

This error is generated by the storage provider Backblaze and it means that whatever file you requested could not be located. If you see this message shortly after the release of an asset please wait for a few minutes as it might be the case that the CDN has cached this error message. If the problem persists for more than 15 minutes please report the broken link to

"The images appear to be cut off, are the files broken?"

If you downloaded a texture it can happen that one or several of the PBR maps appear to be cut off in the file explorer. If that happens to you, don’t worry. This is a “normal” quirk of the Windows explorer. This sort of effect can appear on very large image files for which no proper preview can be generated. Please open the file in an image editor of your choice such as GIMP, Paint.NET or Photoshop (Notably not the Windows Photos app since it relies on the same kind of automatic down-scaling that can fail on large images), you will see that 99% of the time the image is just fine. If the error persists even in the image editor please report it to

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