Searching on CC0 Textures

When searching on CC0 Textures you have several options to limit your results.


You can search for one or several tags by writing them in the query field. You can separate them using commas or simply spaces. Tags are always “multiplicative” meaning that if you search for several tags you will only receive assets that contain all these tags.

Creation Methods

The drop-down below the search bar allows you to filter the results by the way the assets were created.

ApproximatedThe material's PBR maps have been approximated from a single color map.
PhotoscanningThe material's height has been created using photogrammetry. This makes it more accurate than approximation
Substance Designer (Procedural)The material has been created procedurally using Substance Designer.
Substance Designer (Photo based)The material has been created in Substance Designer using bitmap images.
Multi Angle BasedThe material has been created by lighting a surface from several angles and combining them into a more accurate normal map.
Plain PhotoThe material has been created by just taking a photo. There are no PBR maps.
3D Model (Photogrammetry)The model has been created using photogrammetry.
JsplacementThe material has been created using the software “Jsplacement”.

Data Types

Photo Texture (PBR)A PBR material consisting of several maps such as color, normal, roughness, etc.
Photo Texture (Plain)A simple photo texture without any additional maps.
SBSARA packaged Substance graph.
3D ModelA 3D model.

Sort Order

LatestSort the assets by their releasedate (descending).
PopularSort the assets by popularity.
Most DownloadsSort the assets by the total number of downloads (descending).
AlphabeticallySort the assets alphabetically (ascending, by their AssetID).

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